WHERE THEY RACED: Speed Demons in the City of Angels tells the story of a pre-gridlocked Los Angeles. A time when it was ripe with orange groves, movie stars and more auto racing and innovation than anywhere else in America. This documentary film uncovers the forgotten history with lost archival films, hundreds of vintage photos, and revealing interviews.

L.A. AUTO SHOW    Nov. 21 - 30th

Concours Hall across from Aston Martin in booth C-13

The film includes:

  1. Visit all 3 of Los Angeles’ boardtracks, we had the first, the best and the fastest

  2. Lakes, Parks & Rods with Wally’s son on the Pomona Drag

  3. Vic Edelbrock Jr. brings Roger Ward’s V8-60 back to Gilmore

• Ultimate barn find: a Peugeot that influenced Miller, Offy and decades of racing

  1. Ed Winfield’s #1 Ford is reunited with the remains of Legion Ascot & takes a lap

  2. Join Mickey Thompson’s son & first wife for a 1/4 mile walk down memory lane

  3. Eddie Pullen’s son, a ‘13 Fiat & a ‘11 National relive the Santa Monica Road Races

• Greg Sharp at NHRA & Leslie Kendall at the Petersen

  1. 414 mph Land Speed Record holder Charles Nearburg shows off his 1926 Miller

  2. JC Agajanian Jr. talks Turkey Night

  3. Huell Howser sees something “Amazing” at the Corona Circle

  4. And much more in almost 2 hours of racing history


“... see this film"   - Dave Kunz, KABC TV & The Car Show

Speed Demons in the City of Angels


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Really enjoyable... Check it out! - Jay Lenohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rvSU1DcSNEhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rvSU1DcSNEshapeimage_2_link_0